Are You Smarter Than A Fourth Grader?

4th Grader Writes Entire Play Set To Perform

LUBBOCK, TX - It's common to see elementary students participating in school plays but how often do you hear about a student writing the play?


A fourth grader at North Ridge Elementary School wrote, edit and directed a play set to perform for her entire class.

“I am more for fantasy or writing children's novels but when I wrote the play I could feel it coming from a story from my heart and I put onto a script,” the student writer, Sarah Rose said.  


Lara Nelson, Rose’s teacher at North Ridge said at only ten-years-old, Rose is an outstanding student in both academics and leadership.

“‘She wrote it and she would put sign up sheets out in the hall and would have kids be able to sign up for parts. Then she'd come around to each classroom and say ‘ok we have people trying out for these four parts’ and kids would come in during recess,”’ Nelson said.

Rose credits her writing skills to all of the books she has read and she said on average she reads around three chapter books a week.

“I have read a lot of books and those have kind of pushed me in the way of a lot of techniques on how you're supposed to write stories,” Rose said.

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