Assisted Living Community in Slaton Throws a Surprise Birthday Party for a Resident Turning 102

Margaret Edwards is the oldest person in Slaton

LUBBOCK, TX - Today, Margaret Edwards, celebrated her 102nd birthday with her friends and family in Slaton. She is now considered to be the oldest person in town.


“Well, I never thought about being this old or how in the world I came to be this old,” said Edwards.



Edwards recently moved into the Library of Legacies Assisted Living Community in Slaton. Owner of the community home, Michelle Craig, said that Edwards put her name on the waitlist right when the center opened.



“She's been on our waiting list for 8 years. We would call her every month, every time we had an opening. We’d ask ‘miss Margaret are you ready to come,’ and until about a month ago her response was always ‘no not yet I am still making it at home,’” said Craig.



Craig said that Edwards has had a positive impact on their community since she moved in and believes that her older age makes others feel younger.


“She makes everybody else here feel younger. If she can walk, talk and come to all our activities then they start to see that so can they,” said Craig.

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