Attack of the Lubbock Flies

Published 07/10 2014 12:37PM

Updated 07/10 2014 06:14PM

By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- Many Lubbock residents are within arms reach of a fly-swatter, as recent rains have brought out the annoying pest and into our homes and businesses. 

Lee Escobedo, operating manager of Fuzzy's Taco Shop has been working to keep the flies out of his restaurant. 

"It's the absolute worst I've ever seen." he says. "We just go old fashioned style and get fly swatters and get as many of those as you can." 

He says he's been working to get more fans placed outside the shop, so costumers can eat on the patio, in addition to bringing pest control in to remove the flies.  

"We got a local pest control that has a great plan that's helping us out with that. You know we use fly lights and I figured we need another one in each of our stores," he says. 

We spoke with Meers Pest Solutions to get some tips on how to keep flies away from our homes. 

"Check doors, the screens, the seals and make sure the fly can't get in, number one," says Kyle Meers, President of Meers Pest Solutions. 

 He also suggests taking out trash daily, in addition to keeping foods seals or completely covered. Additionally, he says there are traps and sprays you can purchase and use that will kill present flies and repel others from coming. 

For a full list of tips to keep the flying nuisance away, you can visit Meers Pest Solutions' website. 

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