Bat Infected With Rabies Dropped Off With No Information

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is looking for the man

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Animal Services and the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center are looking for a man who dropped off one bat infected with rabies and left no information.

"A man dropped off a Hoary Bat. It was in a box. He didn't fill out the forms in the drop off building. He opened the door and slid the bat in inside a box," Gail Barnes, with the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center said.

The center did get video of the man dropping off the bat but the license plate was unreadable. So they're asking for the public's help to identify him. They said the man isn't in trouble, they just need to know how much contact he had with the bat and where he found it.

"Its imperative that info is filled out for every animal brought in we need to know the location, when they found it and if they fed it. Especially if its rabies carrying species and they're listed on the form," Barnes said. 

Another bat tested positive, but LAS said that bat was reported to them, found in a residential neighborhood and picked up safely.

If you have any information on the man in the white truck you're encouraged to call LAS at (806) 775-2057 or the SPRC at (806) 799-2142.

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