Behind the Scenes: Making Digital Magic on Gameday

Published 09/12 2013 06:28PM

Updated 09/12 2013 06:44PM

"We don't need to be at the stadium. We can be here and do our job and the fans at the stadium have no idea that we are somewhere else running the video screen."

Hidden away in the basement of the United Spirit Arena, David Hougland his team make digital magic happen during the games.

"What we do over here is what would we want to see. If we were a fan in the stands, what would we want to see?" said Hougland.

After a more than 7 million dollar upgrade to high definition, Hougland said their capabilities are now endless.

"Everything in this room is based on fan engagement. We want our fans to feel like they are at home. We'll be able to provide real time stats on the video screen, scores of other games on the video screen, replays, multiple angles, when in the past, that wasn't an option."

The new board is nearly triple the size of the old one. 

"I think people will go absolutely crazy."

Michael Molina, Vice Chancellor of Facilities, Planning and Construction said everything about the new board is 10 times better than the old one.

"When you stand down there inside the bowl and hear the sound and watch the imagery on the screen, it is exciting. It's over the top. It's something that Texas Tech has never seen before here in Lubbock, Texas," said Molina.

Molina says that every upgrade was made with the fans in mind.

"Even the smallest things such as better communication connection for people's cell phones. I.e. the AT&T towers that are all over the place, the little pieces sticking up over the edge of the stadium, so you have full connectivity. Which, just a few years ago, we did not have that. You were in a dead zone."

Above all, Molina and Hougland said, it's all about the fans having a great time.

"We want the fans to feel like when they walk out of the stadium knowing not only did they see the game, but that they were a part of the game," said Hougland.

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