Blood Donors Needed to Assist Storm Victims

LUBBOCK, TX - As the devastation and damage left in Harvey's wake continues to worsen, the need for more blood donations has increased, and although it has not even been one full week since Harvey hit, the amount of local donors has already tripled. 

As a result, nationwide United Blood Services is challenging communities to donate 1,000 pints of blood in just a week. Brandon Baker, donor recruitment manager of United Blood Services in Lubbock, said that if able to reach their goal by the end of the week, it will set the tone for the months to come. 

"There was a nationwide call of all types to help out specifically for that area, there's a huge population of people down there and that's a lot of blood donations that are not being drawn and that's why we're trying to band together and help out," said Baker. "They're not going to be down for a week or a couple of weeks, it's going to be months until they're able to get back to full capacity." 

While all blood types and platelets are needed, Baker said there's an especially high need for O blood types, both negative and positive. 
"Blood products are used for cancer patients, chemotherapy, trauma for accidents, surgeries, when you give birth often times," explained Baker. "There's definitely a sense of urgency when it comes to it, with them not being able to hold blood drives and most of their centers being closed, they don't have the ability to draw that blood and they still have the hospital patients that are in need of it and that's why they're reaching out to them."  
Baker advised that if you want to donate blood, it's best to schedule an appointment ahead of time by giving them a call at 877-464-4376, although walk-ins are welcome as well (2523 48th street). You must be at least 16-years-old to donate, and in good health. 

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