Brownfield Storm Recovery

Brownfield Storm Recovery

LUBBOCK, TX - Brownfield faced yet another round of severe weather last night!


Princess Wheat told us  "The hail was pretty substantial we've gotten 2 in hail,  1 3/4 in, 1 1/2 in, 1 in hail, pea sized, marble so it really just depended on what side of the town."


The torrential rainfall and hail had many folks taking cover wherever they could.  



  Benjamin Bautista explained, "It was about golf ball sized hail, about that big right there. A lot of people took shelter underneath awnings over there near Property Bank, underneath they were bumper to bumper about everywhere, every car wash was full."
Those who weren't able to get their vehicles covered kept insurance agents busy this morning.
Vicky Wise said, "We've had golf ball sized hail claims and houses and cars so we've been very busy this morning. Some peoples windshields got knocked out some of them did here."
Although the storm has subsided the results are still visible throughout the community. 



Tommy Dill told us,  "I'm aware of at least two road closures because of flooding and then a lot of leaves and broken branches. We still have one road that will probably open up later on, it's receding fast so it should be open earlier but like in any weather condition if you see water standing on the road slow down."

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