Canton Tornado Relief

Canton Tornado Relief

LUBBOCK, TX - Several families are homeless and recovering in Canton after a tornado struck the East Texas town on Saturday.


A preliminary damage report from the National Weather Service rates the tornado as an EF-3.


After witnessing the devastating results of this weekend's weather both the Red Cross and the Salvation Army have jumped in to help.


Laura Hann, Executive Director for Red Cross in the South Plains, told us, "We watched the weather system unfold in East Texas and our hearts are with all of the families there, its just a tragedy what happened."


Even though Hann is the executive director for the South Plains Red Cross, she wouldn't let distance stop her from doing her part.  


Hann worked hard over the weekend, 

 "Sunday I came up here and spent five or six hours on social media working out of the East Texas social accounts helping answer questions. Where is the shelter? Where can I charge my cell phone? How do I find a hot meal? And just help them spread that information, just so the local folks in East Texas didn't have to spend their time on something that could be done so far away."
While Hann was working on social media area volunteers in East Texas stepped in quickly to help.
She explained, "Red cross volunteers were there with cots, with blankets, with some coffee and some food. Those services have continued, those same volunteers are still out there. They're feeding first responders, they're helping family members as they start to think how to move forward after something like this."
Hann also mentioned that the current volunteers will need relief.  That's why many local volunteers have their bag packed ready to go at a moments notice. 
She told us, "We have several volunteers here in the Lubbock area, that are on stand by. They are waiting to find out. We're expecting that the local volunteers are going to need some days off and need to go back to their regular jobs."



The Salvation Army of Texas has also deployed three emergency vehicles.


Kaitlyn Frederick, Community Relations Director at the Salvation Army, told us,  "When I say disaster vehicles it's like what you see behind me.  These vehicles can actually serve hot meals, they also emergency supplies on board."


If you'd like to donate to help the disaster relief you can donate online at or


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