Cantu Family Back in Abernathy After Claiming $177 Million in Arkansas Lottery

LUBBOCK, TX - The Cantu family is back in Abernathy after claiming their check of $177 million in Arkansas on Monday, the largest state jackpot in history. Eliberto has been buying a ticket for 30 years, he's a pipeline work, and he's been in Arkansas for the past month working.

It was there he bought his ticket. Upon claiming the check at Monday's  press conference in Arkansas, his son, Rodrigo Cantu announced they will be putting money into their church in Abernathy, Bethel Baptist. A place their family has been attending for 30 years.

"We knew someone in the family was going to win they've talked about it quite a bit and winning was going to be a blessing so we knew what the blessing was going to be paid back," Rodrigo Cantu said. "God knows who to bless, and my parents are big givers." 

Eliberto already bought a new van for the church, he plans to have it rebuilt and it's sister church as well. After the parents are done investing money into the church, they plan to buy an RV and travel the country. They're going to split the money with their six children and all of their nieces and nephews. 

They plan to continue playing the lottery.

"You can't win if you don't play, there's still churches and families who need money so we're going to keep playing," Cantu said.

The family plans to continue living in Abernathy. 




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