CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Gunman Leaves Trail After Breaking into Levelland House

LEVELLAND, TX - Levelland Police Department is searching for two suspects in connection to an armed robbery at about 2:40 p.m. Monday. 

"I've never ever been so scared in my entire life," Homeowner and Victim Cande Jackson said. 

Outdoor surveillance video shows a white truck drop off two masked men with a gun and a crow bar at the back of Jackson's house. The video also includes one of the suspects turning the camera in another direction to where they were. 

"I know the video is awful," Jackson said. "It could have been so much worse. But to think that an 18 year old can make a decision, a stupid decision at that, and ruin their life. They're so young."

Another woman driving the car went to the front to ring the door bell twice. That is when the two other suspects went through a back window. 

At this time Jackson was on her way home from an eight-hour work day. She is a special education teacher in Levelland. Her two dogs, and her son's friend was home at the time of the break-in. 

Indoor surveillance video showed one suspect with a gun and another with a crow bar at one point. They go in and out of the house with different items multiple times. At this time, Jackson found that they took an iPad, cell phone, and a ball cap.

Records show they were in the house for a total of 16 minutes. They left when they found someone sleeping in a bedroom. 

"You see them running out and they walked into the back bedroom and he was laying down sleeping and when they opened the door they saw him," Jackson said. "This is all happening at the same time: them opening the door, me getting home, and that's when they ran out. So thankfully the didn't get hurt because they had a gun."

She came home two minutes after they fled the scene. 

"I want them to get what they deserve and if what they deserve is help as far as getting off of drugs, definitely I'm all for it," Jackson said. "I would think most likely that's why they did it."

Police were able to identify the woman involved and put her into custody. They are still searching for the two other suspects. Anyone with information can contact their department at 806-894-6164. 

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