Children's Heart Health

Lubbock, TX -  February is known as the month of love and doctors are speaking up about the love you give to your child's heart health.

"There is a number of things we think are helpful for children growing up. Particularly as they get into heart healthy habits because they can translate into adulthood," said Pediatric Cardiologist Andrew Robinson.

The first habit Dr. Robinson said is important for children to have at a young age is a healthy diet.

"Stay away from high salty foods, try and stay away from processed foods.  Try and limit the soda intake to a minimum," said Dr. Robinson.

But, there are more than just those. Dr. Robinson also mentioned eating healthy cuts of meat, fish and vegetables.

He also warned to keep your children away from anything deep-fried. Dr. Robinson also said to use self-restraint when it comes to dessert.

"You can have a treat, but eating it on a day to day basis is probably too much," Dr. Robinson said talking about dessert.

If this is sounding familiar Dr. Robinson said it should.

“Heart healthy diet for a child is very similar to heart healthy diet for an adult," said Dr. Robinson.

But remember, diet is only half of the solution to your children enjoying a heart healthy life.

"We recommend you are outside for at least an hour a day," explained Dr. Robinson.

That means leaving behind the screens and getting some physical exercise.

After practicing for nearly 20-years, Dr. Robinson mentioned one thing he has learned is the importance of the family supporting a heart healthy life-style.

"If it's something that's targeted just toward one child the likelihood of success seems to be much less than if the whole family enjoys the heart healthy approach," said, Dr. Robinson.

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