Citizen's Tower Approved by City Council

LUBBOCK,TX - City of Lubbock held a council meeting Thursday evening where they announced the approval of the new Citizen's Tower. 

After years of planning and discussion, Mayor Dan Pope lead the discussion of the budget for this project. City Manager Jarrett Atkinson responded with a total cost of about $46 million.

Council members gave an unanimous vote to approve the first amendment of this contract for tower renovations. 

The project will be lead by Lee Lewis Construction and gave statements that work would start on Monday, July 14, if approved. 

The previous budget set was just over $64 million dollars. However, Lewis said it is now cheaper by working on an already standing structure. He also recommended demolishing the parking garage and construct new parking accommodations which would add up to approximately $3 million. 

Officials stated any professional services with the new Police Department facility will not be associated with the tower. However, City Hall will move its offices to the new structure. 

Lee Lewis said the project could take up to 22 months and estimated the completion date in May 2018. 

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