City Council Votres on Animal Shelter Expansion, New Fire Station

Published 03/27 2014 02:32PM

Updated 03/27 2014 11:49PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- City Council met Thursday night with a full agenda.

First up, during Citizen Comments, City Council spoke with Jon Spears, a resident of Tech Terrace, about the possibility of off-leash hours for dogs.

"Three to four hours a day, Monday through Sunday," Spears said, saying this was a compromise instead of spending money to build a dog park.

Spears also mentioned a night a few weeks ago when multiple people at Tech Terrace Park were given citations for their dogs being off-leash. Mayor Glen Robertson asked if Spears knew that someone was bitten by a dog at the same park the day after those citations were written. Spears said he was not aware of that.

"It's not a quality of life issue, it's a public safety issue," Councilman Todd Klein said during the discussion.

Tech Terrace Park is in Councilman Klein's district, and Councilman Klein said he would be willing to work with Spears, or anyone else, to try to get a dog park in Lubbock.

"We need an enclosed dog park at a different location, so I support a dog park, as a former president of the Humane Society, I'm all about animals, but humans come first," Councilman Klein said.

Some other City Council members also said it was a safety issue, but some said they did want to continue to look at the option of a dog park again.

The City Council also voted unanimously in favor of approving the planning contract for Fire Station 1, which will be in downtown Lubbock, near 19th and Texas.

They also passed a contract for the expansion of the animal shelter.

Here's the original story.

LUBBOCK, TX -- City Council will meet Thursday night, and vote on an expansion at the animal shelter as well as fire station repairs.

The expansion is proposed for the new animal shelter, at 3323 Southeast Loop 289.  The expansion would add about 4,956 square feet to the facility, including an additional 45 kennels.

The other big vote Thursday will be on approving a contract for a new Fire Station 1, to be located at the corner of Texas Avenue and 19th Street.  The contract will be for professional architectural and engineering services for the new station.

According to documents on the City Council Agenda, as part of the agenda for Thursday night, the project justification says 'the current station is outdated and does not allow for the proper housing of modern engines the fire department now incorporates into its fleet.' The justification also lists needing pull through station. 

The project history of station 1 says the station was built back in 1979, and 'has not aged well' and goes on to say the building 'has outlived it [sic] useful life.'

The new fire station is also planned to be a single story station.  There is $300,000 encumbered/expended to date for the project, with the Capital Improvement Project listing the total appropriation at $330,000, according to the documents on the City Council website.

They will also vote on amending the Capital Improvement Project 91220, which is about repairs at fire stations. They will be voting to change the name to 'Major Repairs at Fire Facilities' and then also change the scope to say 'Perform major repairs to existing fire facilities'. 

During citizen comments, there will also be someone speaking to the City Council about off-leash hours for dogs at Tech Terrace Park, and more information can be found

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