City Morale Impacted by Pay Issue, Records Say

Published 11/19 2013 06:28PM

Updated 11/19 2013 06:44PM

LUBBOCK, TX – The City of Lubbock will conduct a compensation and classification study of its employees. The last such study was done in 2005.

Information provided to the City Council says employees hired in 2007 are making the same as those hired in 2013 “in spite of the six years additional experience.”

Councilman Jim Gerlt said that those employees were given slight increases in their salary over the years.

"Well I know the last few years we have given them a cost of living adjustment- whether you call that a raise or not, that's debatable," said Gerlt. "But there's been some enhancement to their salary package."

“This has resulted in difficulties in recruitment and retention of employees, as well as an overall issue with employee morale,” public records say.

Gerlt said that many of those losses in city staff come from stiff competition.

"We're not just competing just with other cities but we're also competing with the oil patch now," said Gerlt. "And we can't pay what the oil patch pays, but we want to make sure we're competing at least with other cities."

City staff collected proposals from five companies. The recommendation is that Management Advisory Group International, Inc. of Woodbridge, Virginia conduct the study for $84,475. The city budget sets aside up to $125,000 for the study.

Public records also say market prices should be used to set the salaries “for executive, department head, information technology, and electric utility positions.”

A salary survey is part of the study.

Public records say, “The City has slightly more than 2,000 authorized full-time positions.”

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