City of Tahoka Replacing its 100 Year Old Water System

LUBBOCK, TX - In September, The City of Tahoka received a $4.8 million grant to replace their 100 year old water system. Over the years the city has had to go on boil water notices every couple months, due to the water pressure dropping below 20 pounds.

Mayor, John Baker said it's an exciting time for the city to have a new system, and it's something he's felt passionately about for years and he made it a big item of contention during his campaign eight years back.

"The Texas Water Development water board came out and decided we have what they call a 'nuisance water system' and then they approved a construction grant as well so that's where we are right now," Baker said. 

The project started in September, and is planned to take 18 months, but Mayor Baker thinks things will be finished up before then. 

"We told people we are going to tear up your sidewalks and streets and your grass but before we get through it all, it's all going to be better," Baker said.


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