Court Records Reveal New Details on Motivation for Mass Shooting in Clovis

CLOVIS, NM - On Wednesday, court records revealed new details about a deadly shooting Monday evening in Clovis.  Two people died and several others were seriously hurt. 

Four gunshot victims were brought to University Medical Center in Lubbock. 

The following is a recitation of facts from the arrest warrant against Nathaniel Jouett, 16.  Prosecutors this week announced their intention “to seek adult sanctions” against Jouett.

The text of the arrest warrant reads in part:

On Monday, August 28, 2017 at approximately 1613 hours officers of the Clovis Police Department responded to an active shooter at the Clovis-Carver Library, located at 701 N. Main Street, Clovis. The suspect, described as a male subject with a black shirt and a black hat, armed with a handgun was firing inside the library.

Upon arrival officers searched the immediate area, finding victims and patrons outside the library with an unknown number still inside. Officers cleared the library room by room, locating and escorting out those mobile enough to leave under their own [power] and were taken to a safe location. The suspect, later identified as Nathaniel Ray Jouett (xx/xx/xxxx) was standing by the information kiosk with his hands over his head when officers entered the main library. Located nearby was a loaded semi-auto handgun. The subject was taken into custody and immediately removed from the scene and taken to the Clovis Police Department.

Located on scene and deceased from gunshot wounds were Wanda Walters and Kristina Carter. Transported from the scene by medical personnel for gunshot wounds received were Noah Molina (xx/xx/xxxx), Alexis Molina, (xx/xx/xxxx), Jessica Thron (xx/xx/xxxx) and Howard Jones (xx/xx/xxxx). Located on scene were multiple shell casings and expended rounds, as well as a large caliber handgun. A black bag containing another handgun, some additional ammunition and a black plastic holster, were also located inside the library.

At approximately 1754 hours Sergeant Adriana Munoz and I spoke with Chris and Nicole Jouett, the parents of Nathaniel, indicating that we would speak with Nathaniel and advise him of his rights in their presence. Sergeant Munoz advised Nathaniel of his rights, completing a rights waiver form as she did so. Nathaniel agreed to speak with us, he waived his right to an attorney and he asked that his parents not be present for the interview. I escorted Chris and Nicole from the interview room.

Upon my return to the interview room Sergeant Munoz asked Nathan what happened today. Nathan said, "I went to the library. I shot someone".

Nathan began to tell us that he was kind of mad and that was why he did it. He has been mad at everyone since he got kicked out of school last year. Nathan is a sophomore at Clovis High School. According to Nathan, everyone hates him and no one likes him. He said he was a born again Christian for about a month, but he has been thinking about this for a long while. He said, "I thought I would kill myself or kill a bunch of people". He then said, "I didn't think I would do it". Nathan took the guns and ammunition from his Dad's safe. He knows how to shoot because they go shooting and they have a hunting trip planned in October. He took the guns with him in his black camera bag.

Sergeant Munoz asked Nathan how he picked the library. Nathan said he doesn't know. He thought he walked to the library. He didn't know anyone at the library. He went into the bathroom to take a pxxx and when he came out he started shooting into the library and yelling. He said he shot once or twice, and he didn't reload. He walked through the library until he was confronted by the officers. Sergeant Munoz asked what he was thinking at the time he was shooting and he said, "I was mad".

Nathan heard a little kid crying. He didn't shoot at anyone in particular, he just began shooting and yelling. Nathan said he has been thinking bad things for a while. He said, "I knew it was wrong." He didn't tell anyone about these thoughts because they have their own problems. He couldn't say these things to his family, his girlfriend or his friends from church.

Nathan said that when he was escorted out of the library by the officers, he saw a woman lying on the ground and no one was helping her. He asked Sergeant Munoz why no one had been helping her and Sergeant Munoz told him to think about it for a minute. Sergeant Munoz asked him what he thought would happen. Nathan said "I feel awful. I don't like hurting people. This concluded our interview.


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