Demerol Sends 5-Year-Old with Epilepsy to Hospital

Published 07/08 2014 06:04PM

Updated 07/08 2014 06:09PM

By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- A simple trip to a Lubbock dentist turned into one little girl's worst nightmare, according to her grandmother, the girl was given a drug that caused her to have a seizure. Now, the family thinks more caution is needed before giving medication to children.

When Rosa Ysasaga took her granddaughter Aubry to the dentist to get a tooth pulled, Aubry was given medication to calm her for the procedure. 

"They gave her demerol and vistaril and I was like well the nurse came out and told me it was a medication to ease her and water," said Ysasga. 

Aubry suffers from epilepsy, her grandmother says the dentists' office was aware. Ysasaga is unsure why, however, Aubry was given the drug anyway. 

"You could tell the medication was taking effect. She goes my head hurts and my stomach doesnt feel good." said Ysasaga. "When she fell asleep that was kind of odd because when she fell asleep, all the sudden she jerked her head back, just threw her head back, threw her arms like that and she started jerking, she was going into a real severe seizure." 

Ysasaga says Aubry was taken to Covenant Children's Hospital by EMS, she says doctors were shocked to hear someone of Aubry's age and medical history would be given demerol. 

"They wanted to keep an eye on her overnight because of the demerol they gave her," said Ysasaga. "They said that a five year old should never have gotten demerol, that its some kind of strong drug, especially for a febrile seizure patient." 

"I dont wish it upon nobody. I just want parents out there to realize when you take your child in, no matter if its a doctor, always ask you know what's that for, are you sure its for that child, you know, are you gonig to monitor the child while youre giving them that medication."

Rosa says she herself is going to take even more precaution with aubry next time she goes to the doctor. And hopes all parents triple check what medications their children are taking. 

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