Dentist Saves Patient Having Heart Attack

During a routine cleaning a man's heart stopped

LUBBOCK, TX - Dr. Fey with Aspen Dental, saved a patient's life, Ivan Chron, after his heart stopped during the middle of a routine teeth cleaning. Wife of the patient, Della Chron, says she almost cancelled the appointment but is thankful she didn’t.
“I am glad we were there, I am glad that timing worked out the way it did. If you don't think God's timing isn't perfect it was... absolutely,” said Chron.
Della said that Ivan has had heart problems for years and she is just thankful this didn’t happen at home. She said that Dr. Fey took control of the entire situation and credits her for saving her husband’s life.
“If he'd been at home he wouldn't have made it, I couldn't have saved him. I know she took charge, I know she said she had the defibrillator and started his heart back up,” said Chron.
Dr. Fey said that this isn’t something that normally happens at the dentist but all of her staff has been trained for situations like this. She said they also keep emergency equipment on site as well.

“As a dentist we are obligated to have an AED in the office but everybody on the staff has CPR certification and basic life support. Those are requirements for me and our whole staff,” said Dr. Fey.
Ivan is currently recovering at home and has started to wear a life vest, a machine on your body with a defibrillator, as a precaution if it happens again.

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