Doctor Warns of Nasty Viruses Going Around

Published 10/10 2013 05:59PM

Updated 10/10 2013 06:24PM

"This time of the year, we're seeing a lot of the viral infections. Kids are going back to school, and kids are back in daycare, so you're starting to see a lot more viral infections and gastrointestinal infections. You're starting to see upper respiratory infections."

Dr. Juan Fitz has been seeing quite a few patients come in complaining of some all-to-familiar symptoms.

"People are waking up, coming in with sore throats, with flu-like symptoms, it's the begining of the flu season."

Right now, Fitz says, lots of folks are getting a stomach bug.

"A lot of the symptoms are basically the same," said Fitz. "You get cramping, you get diarrhea, or you just get nausea."

Fitz said that if you're sick with these symptoms for more than 48 hours, you should call the doctor.

"Number one is that you don't want to get dehydrated though. You're going to have the diarrhea, you're going to lose fluids. You're going to be vomiting, you're going to lose fluids."

Another thing going around: upper respiratory infections.

"You might feel a little tickle in the back of your throat, you might have a bit of a runny nose and you're going to say, 'oh, maybe it's my allergies acting up,' but then you start to feel some of the body aches, you start coughing, and you're constantly congested," said Fitz. "And it can last anywhere from 5 to 7 days."

Doctors used to prescribe antibiotics for upper respiratory infections but not anymore. 

"We don't give antibiotics for viral infections," said Fitz. "We've realized that by giving antibiotics for viral infections, you can actually make things worse."

Fitz emphasizes washing and disinfecting your hands as much as possible, but if you do get sick...

"The best thing that's been shown to help with upper respiratory infections or colds is good ol' grandma's chicken soup."

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