Dog Overpopulation In Lubbock

Shelters and rescues push for harsher spay/neuter laws

LUBBOCK, TX - Shelters and rescues across the South Plains said they are at max capacity between litters of puppies and stray dogs. They said one of the biggest reasons Lubbock is overpopulated with dogs is due to backyard breeders and the lack of education when it comes to spaying and neutering dogs.

“It all started because at some point someone had a dog that they didn't fix and then they release the puppies and now the puppies are farrell. It’s just a trend and a domino effect and it's just going to keep going until people realize the problem at hand,” Madison Luscombe with the South Plains SPCA said.

“Colorado’s little law up there is working great. If you want to have a litter of puppies you have to have a license and it’s pretty hefty fines,” Carol Lawson, an Animal Control Officer with the Levelland Animal Shelter said.

Luscombe said there are several reasons why people choose to not fix their dogs, but she said in the long run it’s healthier for the dog and cheaper.

“‘Some people think ‘oh I might breed in the future’ which I think is insane that people can just breed their dogs. Some type of law would benefit in that area so people wouldn't just have the idea of breeding and furthering the problem,’” Luscombe said.

Lawson said people need to think twice before having a litter.

“There is no place for these babies to go. If your dog has 15 pups what are you going to do with them? There going to get big and they're going to fight,” Lawson said.

The South Plains SPCA has adoption events every Saturday at their location 8901 US-87, Lubbock, TX 79423.

Levelland Animal Shelter is open everyday 9 a.m. to noon.

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