Dogs Are More Vunerable To Rattlesnake Bites

New vaccination gives hope to dogs prior to being bitten

LUBBOCK, TX - With summer temperatures in full swing, that also means rattlesnakes are out for the season. Angie Skinner, a local dog owner, warns fellow ‘pet parents’ to be cautious with their dogs after one of her dogs was bitten and almost killed by a rattlesnake.
“He was breathing pretty fast, his heart was racing. I put him down on the ground and he kinda just fell over and I thought he was done right there but he was able to make it to the vet,” Skinner said.
Skinner said her dog, Little Bear is on the path to recovery. After learning from the vet there was a vaccination to help slow the venom process if a dog were to be bitten, she got the rest of her dogs vaccinated.
“Our four other dogs got it right when we picked them up from the vet,” Skinner said.
Local Herpetologist, Lou Densmore said the vaccine would be beneficial for larger dog breeds but not with smaller ones.
“I don't know how to train a dog to not go after a rattlesnake. The problem with this anti-rattlesnake shot, most of the time a dog is so small it doesn't matter they would die as a result of the bite,” Densmore said.
“There is controversy if the vaccine works or doesn't work but in theory it slows it down. So I would get your dog vaccinated. It's better for them to be protected, especially because there are rattlesnakes in this area and they are so common it can cause signs to be less severe and be helpful,” Live Oak Animal Hospital Veterinarian, Dr. Hannah Ezell, said.

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