Early Easter Egg Surprise

Bird builds nest on home decor

LUBBOCK, TX - A local family received an early Easter surprise when a bird built a nest on their front door wreath.

“When I bought my new wreath a few weeks ago I saw a birds nest in it. So when I started investigating it a little more I noticed there were four eggs in it,” said Amy Conn, who found the nest inside her wreath.

Conn and her two sons have been able to watch the progress of the birds from being eggs to hatching recently. Conn said it has been special to witness this with her boys.

“We are just mesmerized with them, now we have these little baby birds. It's going to be fun to watch and see,” Conn said.

Conn said they’ve started to go out the garage door so they don’t disturb the birds. She said they plan on keeping the wreath up and hope after the baby birds leave the nest the mom will still continue to come back.

“I hope that our home is now her home. This wreath is going to just have to stay cute and hold its composure because that's her home. I'm going to keep the wreath up, I know one of these days the birds are going to be gone and when they are I'll probably just leave it in case she decides to come home,” Conn said.

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