Electric Utility Board Votes to Move Street Lights Back To City

Published 04/15 2014 10:37PM

Updated 04/16 2014 01:35PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- A long meeting Tuesday for the Electric Utility Board, though much of it was spent behind closed doors.

"A lot of healthy discussion about a lot of serious issues," Mayor Glen Robertson said about being in executive session for about three hours Tuesday.

By state law, neither the mayor or EUB Chair Greg Taylor could comment about what exactly kept them so long.

"Those details will come forward in the future, but it's just best that we have that ability to have those passionate discussions, in private, where they belong, especially if you're discussing anything employment related," Mayor Robertson said.

In open session, there was some discussion about recent bond ratings for LP&L. Details of the ratings can be found
here, on LP&L's website.

"They had us at negative, now we're at stable. which is very good, all of the rating agency news was very good," Taylor said about the ratings. He was specifically mentioning how Moody's changed their rating from the year before, from negative to stable.

The board also unanimously voted to recommend to Lubbock City Council that the street lights move from LP&L's budget back into the city's budget. Reasons for this change had been noted that there are some lights not on LP&L's power supply that are in LP&L's budget.

"My understanding is that the whole cost of street lights had been assigned to LP&L, whereas all of the citizens of Lubbock benefit from street lighting, whether they're LP&L customers or not," Taylor said.

The decision was made to recommend that this happens over a period of time. The City Council still has to vote on the issue before it goes into effect.

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