Exclusive Look At The Final Stages Of Timothy Cole's Statue

Published 09/02 2014 06:27PM

Updated 09/02 2014 06:41PM

By Melissa Adan

LUBBOCK,TX-- The 13-foot tall bronze statue is on its way to completion for its unveiling on September 17 at the Timothy Cole Memorial site. 

The statue of a larger than life Cole will honor the former Tech pre-law student who was wrongfully accused of rape in 1985. Years later after Cole died in prison, DNA proved his innocence. 

Sculptor Eddie Dixon, one of the artists working on the project, is anxious for the unveiling.

"After I learned a little bit of Timothy's life I was very interested and determined to do it," said Dixon. "I thought it was important that he [Tim Cole] was not just a sculpture sitting out in the park I wanted to give him an air of determination."

Texas Bronze is a foundry working on Cole's statue. The welders and artists are determined to see the finished product through.

"We're just making sure that it's going to be perfect," said Chris Martinez, Production Manger. "That's what we want, we want it to be perfect."

The memorial site will be located on University Ave and 19th street, on the southwest location. The statue will be facing the Tech Law school.

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