Family Recovers After Dimmitt Tornadoes

Home completely destroyed

LUBBOCK, TX - Residents in Dimmitt, Texas are cleaning up the aftermath after several reported tornadoes touched down Friday night. Some of the homes in the area went untouched by the storm, but the Bradley family said their home was completely destroyed. 

“I realized it was bad but once I got out and everything calmed down I realized how lucky we were,” Beau Bradley, the son of the owner of the home said.

Bradley said it was just him and his wife in the home when the tornado hit. He said they had just been watching the storm when they fled to the basement for safety. 

“We were sitting there in the window watching all the other tornadoes go by. The other ones were further away and those were the main ones we were watching, then we looked over south and that one was just right there close, it kinda snuck up on us,” Bradley said. 

The home’s garage was completely gone and several of the family vehicles were damaged. Bradley said even though most of their fencing was destroyed, all of their livestock stayed close and was counted for.

Several family members and neighbors showed up to help clean up and he said the next step is finding out what can be salvaged.

“Everyone showed up, we didn't know what we were going to do today just trying to figure out what to do. All the text and calls and help getting this out here, it was unbelievable,” said Bradley. 

The National Weather Service in Lubbock had not confirmed the number of tornadoes that touched down in Castro County as of early Saturday evening.  A storm survey team was in Castro County on Saturday to evaluate the storm damage.

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