Father Of Texas Tech Graduate Shot In Las Vegas Speaks Out About Her Experience

Danae Gibbs was shot during the Jason Aldean concert

LUBBOCK, TX - Danae Gibbs, the Texas Tech alumni who was shot during the Las Vegas massacre, is now on the road to recovery.

"She's just dealing with the pain, the physical pain. We're not even looking at the long term affects right now," Darrell Gibbs, Danae's father said. 

Darrell said Danae's doing 100% better compared to when he first saw her the morning after the shooting.

"There was one bullet that hit her twice. It grazed her upper thigh hip area and then went up into her abdomen. Of course that is when life starts really spinning out of control," Darrell said. 

Danae will have to live with the bullet inside her for the rest of her life. Darrell said the doctors believed it's the best decision.

He did have one piece of advice for his recovering daughter.

"Don't let this stop you from going to concerts because if you do then this guy wins. We don't want him to win. He changed your life forever and that is not fair to you. Do not give him the last say so. Continue to live your life as normal as possible," Darrell said. 

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