Fire Department and Atmos Energy Getting Uptick In 'Natural Gas' Concerned Calls

LUBBOCK, TX - The Lubbock Fire Department responded to six different calls, all west of town with reports of a natural gas smell Tuesday night. When they responded to the homes, they were unable to find any leaks but noticed a gas smell as well. Captain Kevin Ivy said they determined that the source of the smell was some nearby oil fields, and that this has happened before in the past in a different area of town.

"The wind out of the west was about 15 miles an hour, the majority of the oil fields are from the West of Lubbock so we get those smells coming in off the oil fields," said Ivy. 

 Aside from oil, Captain Ivy said the department also sees an uptick of calls this time of year from people who are worried about a gas leak when they smell the scent coming from their furnace when they turn it on for the first time in winter.

"Especially when they turn their furnace on for the first time," said Ivy. "You get that new smell where its burning the dust off, I mean everything in West Texas has dust on it."

Marinda Heinrich said some easy tips to identify natural gas are:

  • Smell for the distinctive rotten egg scent
  • Listen for any unusual hissing sounds near gas appliances
  • Look for dense fog or blowing dirt
  • Leave the area immediately


Call 911 or Atmos Gas: 1-866-322-8667


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