Fire Officials Warn Not to Stand on Frozen Playa Lakes

Lubbock, TX - Lubbock Fire Rescue wants to remind you not to stand on the frozen playa lakes you see around town because it could lead to serious consequences. 

"Lubbock, there's just not that many times that it actually gets that cold to actually freeze the lake over. And when it does, it's very short lived," said Kevin Ivy with Lubbock Fire Rescue. 

Playa lakes are made to prevent flooding, so they are filled with debris and silt, making it difficult to see in the lake water.

"There was always all kinds of stuff in there. Some people come and throw trash in it to get rid of stuff. There were a lot of vandals that would come to come and throw stuff in there just to throw stuff away. There's a lot of people that are out here in the summer, a ball will come into it. You just never know what's in it," said Ivy.

The lakes could be 15-25 feet deep, and it is also illegal to swim in these lakes.

"It's bad enough if you come back up and you're in the middle of a half frozen lake, and hypothermia will set in real quick and you'll die that way if you don't drown," said Ivy. 

If you see someone on the lake, call 911 immediately or remind them how dangerous the frozen lake is.

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