Fire Rescue Warns of the Dangers of Space Heaters

The Dos and Don'ts

Lubbock, TX -  


Lubbock Fire Rescue and SERVPRO are warning us about the dangers of space heaters. With December, January and February being the coldest times of the year, LFR says they expect to see a spike in house fires due to space heaters.
"They're going to be used now more than any other time of the year. Heating equipment causes a large percentage of fires during this time of year," said Captain Kevin Ivy with Lubbock Fire Rescue.
Ivy says that there are multiple things you have to keep in mind when you plan to have a space heater in your home. 
"Regularly inspect it to make sure that the cord is still in good shape and that the unit itself is still in good shape. You want to get one that actually has been tested by one of the national agencies to make sure that it is certified," says Ivy.
Other precautions include making sure that you have the space heater on a flat and level surface, unplug the heater when you're going to bed, and make sure you place the heater in a space with three feet of clearance all around it. 
"I've noticed a trend over the last few years that we'll get a fire. There's always usually a fire the weekend after Thanksgiving, and that's been the trend the last few years. But there have been two or three of those that I know have been because of space heaters," Jennifer Jones, SERVPRO marketing manager, says.
SERVPRO is a fire-and-water cleanup restoration company, and they say they've only seen a few fires because of space heaters, but people still need to be cautious.
"We've been very fortunate so far this year where we haven't had extreme cold yet, and so we haven't seen an increase on this cause, but that's probably coming, so be very careful with space heaters," says Jones.

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