Fired Up Holdings Facing Millions in Lawsuits

LUBBOCK, TX - A new lawsuit filed against Fired Up Holding Company and owner, Kevin Richard Foote, in regards to the abrupt restaurant closings of Ruby Tequila's and Twisted Spigot locations in Lubbock and Amarillo in late-July. 

Delta Signs and Designs is suing the company and owner for "Breach of Contract and Quantum Merit/Unjust Enrichment" for their work for the company. 

Court documents show Fired Up Holding and Foote face up to $3,970,246.34 based on the damages claims outline in each lawsuit filed by previous employees or contractors of these establishments. 

Related Link: Local Restaurant Twisted Spigot Closes, Leaving More Employees Unpaid has reach out to Foote again and has not gotten a response. 

The building Fired Up Holdings rented from owner, Robin Grimes, has been put up for lease since the restaurant closings. 

Grimes said she wanted to make clear this company did not own the building on 87th Street and Milwaukee but rented it through her. 

She added the company did not make their last month's rent and vacated the building. Grimes said they have not received their last payment and has not heard back from the company or owners since. 

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