First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opens in Texas


The state's first medical cannabis dispensary opened in Manchaca this past week.

The dispensary, located near Austin, does not sell marijuana to smoke. Instead, it sells a specific type of cannabis oil, which holds THC, that only Texans with a certain type of epilepsy can buy.

A local smoke shop, Green Gorilla Smoke and Vape, said they sell a similar product called CBD, or Cannabidiol, which is legal to sell in the state of Texas. 

"They extract CBD from the hemp plant, and it has to be .002 or less. Otherwise, it is illegal," Devin Umberger, an employee at the smoke shop, said. 

The difference between cannabis oil and CBD is the ingredient THC. The CBD sold at local smoke shops does not contain THC because it is federally illegal. 

For more information on Texas' new dispensary, click HERE.

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