First Responders Share Thoughts On Dallas Shooting and Proposed Carry Bill

LUBBOCK, TX - First Responders are put in vulnerable situations on a daily basis,diving into hectic crime scenes and accidents in order to help people in a time of crisis. 

On Monday a paramedic was shot while treating a gun shot victim. The Senate recently passed bill 1408 which would allow first responders to carry handguns. In addition to a license to carry, they would have to take 20 hours of additional training, and would only be able to use it in restricted areas.

Trey Mayer has been an EMT with UMC for 22 years, he said he has never felt unsafe on the job but knows it comes with an inherent risk. 

"I have seen my coworkers get hit, I've seen them get bit I've been bitten I've been punched," said Mayer. "I think any of us that have spent any time in this field have had some sort of confrontation with a violent patient of some sort."

He said LPD does a good job at keeping them safe on crime scenes, and the Lubbock Sheriff Department gives them self defense classes.

"It is a felony to assault any EMS , firefighter, or police officer,"Mayer. "That is some new legislation that came out a few years ago and that has helped tremendously,"

According to a recent study released from the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, 4 out of 5 EMTs have claimed they've been injured on the job, with 52% saying the injury was due to assault. 


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