Food Truck Trend Growing in Hub City

Published 08/01 2014 06:16PM

Updated 08/01 2014 10:16PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- As food trucks in Lubbock continue to work with the city to change the ordinance for more options, another food truck is about to be added to the Hub City.

In June, a few food trucks got together and held a Food Truck Expo, to introduce people to multiple food trucks all at once, as well as offer people the option to sign a petition asking the city for an ordinance change.

Currently, food trucks can only operate on private property with the business owners permission, and as long as that business is zoned properly. This limits where food trucks can open.

"The current ordinance we've got, they're restricted to private property with an M-1 zoning or above, and there's just not much, that's manufacturing and up, so it's warehouse districts," Mayor Glen Robertson explained.

Connie Olivas owns the La Picosita food truck and said that it makes it hard for food truck owners under the current ordinance. 

"We're very, very limited on where we can park," Olivas said.

She said some food truck owners have been working with multiple city departments to try and figure out a new ordinance that will work better for both food truck owners and the city as well.

"A lot of the small business people, it's a good way for them to grow, and then maybe later, they can expand. and then, also, culture, I mean great food that a lot of people don't eat," Olivas said.

The emergence of numerous food trucks, and the desire for an ordinance change in Lubbock, could be tied to Lubbock's population growth in the last few years, according to Mayor Robertson. 

"No longer are we a big town, we're a small to medium sized city," Mayor Robertson said "And so we're getting entrepreneurs that are wanting to do things that have worked in other cities."

The next food truck that's opening in the city is on Texas Tech's campus.  On Monday, August 4, Texas Tech will unveil their food truck, which will serve on the campus.

David Deason with Texas Tech Hospitality Services said this is something they've been working on for about a year, and they had to go through multiple departments on Tech's campus to make sure a food truck would work.  As long as the food truck is on Tech's campus, they follow Tech's rules about where it can operate.

If they choose to operate the truck off-campus, they would be subject to all the same ordinances as other food truck owners.

Deason said while the truck will be unveiled on August 4, it will likely begin operating in early September.

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