Football-shaped Cake Balls

Here's what you need:

Any cake mix

A coordinating icing flavor

Wilton candy melts (2 bags)- found at Michael's or Hobby Lobby

Wax paper


Baggie or Piping bag

Here's what you do:

I have made cakeballs several times, and each time I like trying different combinations. This time I used a yellow cake mix and vanilla icing. Other great combinations are strawberry cake with vanilla icing and yellow cake with chocolate icing. Basically... any combo will taste great though! I also covered them in the chocolate Wilton candy melts to make them brown, but I love that the candy melts come in other fun colors... so you could always do the footballs in your school colors!

First you need to bake your cake as directed and then let it cool. After it is completely cool, you will crumble it up into a bowl. I just use a fork to separate it all... and I try to keep any hard edges out of the bowl. Then add about to of the icing to the cake. I always start with and then add a little if I think it needs it. You do not want to overdo the icing because otherwise, it will make it hard to keep them in their shape.

Now, lay out your wax paper and start creating your football shapes. The initial shape isn't too important because you will freeze them and then be able to form the football even better. Once you have your shaped footballs, put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Heat up your candy melts according to the package. In order to thin the mixture a little, add about a tablespoon of Crisco (sometimes more... just depends on how thick or thin you want it). It is easiest to dip when the chocolate is pretty thin. Once your chocolate is ready, pull out a few footballs at a time. Reshape if you need to, and pack them tight. I did the freezing and dipping together... putting 10 in the freezer at a time. While they were freezing, I dipped the already chilled 10. I have found that putting a toothpick in the middle of the cakeball is the easiest way to dip. Dip your cakeball, tap it along the bowl to get the excess off, and then put it on your wax paper. There will always be excess chocolate around the bottom that hinders it from looking the way you want it to. I've found that moving the almost hardened cakeball to a clean part on the wax paper will help...leaving behind the excess. You can also just cut it off once they are completely hardened.

Once all of the cakeballs are done, I put the leftover icing into a piping bag and cut a tiny hole. You can also just use a sandwich baggie for this. Just fill it, zip it up, and cut a small hole in the corner. Then pipe on the laces of the football. I don't have the steadiest of hands, so some of my laces looked awful! Just have fun with it! Once they are completely dry, I like to put mine in the refrigerator... they are SO delicious cold! These are also a lot easier than this recipe sounds. Once you start making them, you'll see how easy and fun they are! Enjoy!

(original recipe from Lauren Pardue on

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