Former Marine Living at Tent City

Published 07/04 2014 01:35PM

Updated 07/04 2014 01:36PM

By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- Freedom is certainly not free, and for Rodney Jenning, a homeless military veteran, he learned that the hard way when he found himself at Tent City. 

"I was in the Marines. Went out of high school and all that," said Jennings. >> Rodney Jennings: "There's a lot of us who had Saddam Hussein in their cross hairs." 

Rodney Jennings served in both the first Gulf War and right after 9-11 in Iraq. After suffering from Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, Jennings lost everything. 

"A lot of us just get lost in the middle you know," he said.  "Sometimes you miss the chaos, it makes more sense when the tea kettle is burning and you're sitting in the middle of the fire." 

Now at Tent City, Jennings wants to turn his life around to get back to his family. 

"Its very adaptable I think, in the Marines we didn't get the comfort of being in these tents," he said.  

He wants his story to remind everyone, veterans like himself are out there, in need of a second chance at freedom. 

"You can choose to do what's good or what people should do... Its really about giving of yourself, really I think, this holiday," said Jennings.

Jennings said he's not the only veteran living at Tent City either. However he is thankful for all the efforts they have made to help turn his life around. 

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