Fraternity Purchases Home in Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood

Lambda Chi Alpha Buys Home on 33rd Street

LUBBOCK, TX - In December the Housing Corporation, a division of the Lambda Chi Alpha national fraternity,  bought a 7,500 square foot home on the corner of 33rd street and Avenue S. Four members of the fraternity's Texas Tech chapter will rent rooms in the home.

"We started up a housing corporation back a little over three years ago to help support the undergraduate members because they were doing well in recruitment, doing well scholastically," spokesperson Michael Husband said. "And we felt that it was time for the chapter to take a large step forward and grow in numbers and be more established at Texas Tech." 
Husband said the group wanted to buy or build a home on Greek Circle, where most other Greek organizations are located, but it was overcrowded. 
"Greek Circle 1 and 2 are at full capacity," Husband said.  "With the growing numbers of fraternities and sororities that are looking for housing, Texas Tech has a master plan to increase the size and that includes a Greek Circle 3. That's been over a decade  in discussion that hasn't come into fruition, so Lambda Chi Alpha is one of four fraternities that has had to move off campus because there is nothing available at Texas Tech."
Husband said the home will also have a computer lab for all members to use. Ideally, Husband said he would like for the home to also be the location of the weekly chapter meeting, but he said they were still looking into specific ordinances.
Councilman Juan Chadis, the representative over the Heart of Lubbock neighborhood, said that would be against the ordinance. He said he spoke with Lubbock's Codes Department and learned the area is not zoned for purposes other than residential, so meetings and parties are not allowed. 
Husband is not concerned about cliché parties depicted in classic college movies. He said they have strict policies on fraternity parties. 
"Absolutely not," Husband said. "There is zero tolerance for that. The alumni and the undergraduate members have put significant investment into procuring this house. We have strict rules regarding that. If you like something you want to take care of it. You don't put yourself in a situation where you put that at risk." 
While Husband is not concerned, some neighborhood residents might be. The Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood Association is holding a meeting on Monday night. The new neighbors are listed as a topic of discussion. reached out to the neighborhood association president for comment, but our calls and emails were not returned at the time this article was published. 
One neighbor said she did not care who moved into the house as long as they do not bother her. 
The fraternity will hold a neighborhood walk this weekend. Husband said the members want to introduce themselves to their neighbors and hopefully ease any concerns before Monday night's meeting. 
The HOLNA meeting will take place Monday, January 23rd at 7:00 p.m. at the Volunteer Center on 23rd and Avenue Q. 

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