Friends of Alcorte hold Vigil for Friend Found Dead Monday

Published 05/29 2014 05:43PM

Updated 05/29 2014 09:39PM

By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- Friends and family of Venessa Alcorte came together Thursday evening to remember her after she was found dead Monday. Alcorte's close friends, Samantha Hardeman and Mary Vasquez, planned a vigil to allow those who knew Alcorte to say their goodbyes.

The vigil was 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Westfork Mobile Home Park on the 2400 block of North Quaker Avenue.

"Venessa was a fun loving person, she was a military veteran, she's been overseas twice, she was a mother of three children," said Hardeman.

"She was, we were her extended family, you know," said Vasquez.

Police arrived at the Westfork Mobile Home Park Monday to find Alcorte dead in a car after neighbors reported hearing gun shots. Police later arrested Matthew Torrez on both a parole violation and an arrest warrant for murder.

Hardeman and Vasquez want to show Alcorte's family that even in this dark time, there are people supporting them.

"I mean no body should have to, their life be taken from them like this," said Hardeman. "Just because the monster that took her away, its not all bad down here, there was people that cared for her."

"We all go through a past and we all have our ups and downs but at the same time she was still a human being and she was awesome," said Vasquez.

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