'From Lubbock with Love': South Plains Food Bank Helps Organize Harvey Donation Efforts

LUBBOCK, TX - Hundreds of people across the South Plains have come together to help relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. But, with a quick response, it's easy for donations to get lost in transit and end up not making it to the affected areas.

The South Plains Food Bank is now organizing all relief efforts from donation drives across the South Plains. This is because the food must be sorted and packed before it can be sent to coastal relief agencies. During this time, food banks on the coasts have been damaged by the winds and flooding so they lack the resources and volunteers to distribute donated food.

All organizations wishing to conduct food drives are being asked to register their drive with the South Plains Food Bank. This is to coordinate all relief efforts and to verify legitimate donation banks.

CLICK HERE to register your donation drive.

"Lubbock is a generous community," said the CEO of the South Plains Food Bank, David Wheeler. "People want to respond but people, if they want to have a food drive, we want to make sure that it gets to the place that it goes. We coordinate drives like this so that when food comes in it's going to food banks that can use it and needs it."

And some Lubbock families are going one step further and taking in families that have been displaced from Harvey.

"Families are taking refuge here in Lubbock and it's putting a strain on some of our families here," said Weaver. "Some of the families we serve normally through the food bank are taking in friends and families and we're stepping up and providing that food as well."

Mayor Dan Pope spoke about being proud of Lubbock's willingness to step up and help our neighbors in the South.

"It's who we are. We're a 'we' community, not an 'I' community," said Mayor Pope. "It's always what we can do. It's an opportunity for us to care and to share. We know if something happened to us, they'd be there for us."

EverythingLubbock.com is teaming up with the South Plains Food Bank all day on Tuesday to help with relief efforts. The most useful items to donate are granola bars, ready-to-eat meals, cleaning supplies and bottled water. 

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