Grace Campus Preps For Possible Freeze

The clients who live on site can use the large barn for shelter

LUBBOCK, TX - Grace Campus, a homeless community in Lubbock, is a series of tiny homes that they allow those struggling to get back on their feet to use.

"I've been appreciative since being out here because its like a base for anyone trying to get back on their feet and its a place to give you shelter during bad weather," Rhea Moon, a resident of the Grace Campus community said.

The tiny homes host two beds each. But they don't provide electricity.

"We weren't allowed to do any electricity with them. They had to be portable. So the barn will be open for any of our clients who wish to sit next to a heater," Chris Moore, the Executive Director for Grace Campus said.

The large barn on property is divided into a side for men and a side for women. Moore said there are several heaters within the barn to keep everyone warm.

"It's a basic shelter. Its insulated and we have some heaters. You wont sweat in there but its better then being outside," Moore said.

Grace Campus appreciates donations from the public. Moore said when cold weather strikes the need things like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and coffee cups. If you're interested in donating click HERE.

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