Hockley County Sheriff:Brandon Allen Killed From Gunshot Wound

HOCKLEY COUNTY, TX - The Hockley County Sheriff's office held a press conference on Wednesday, releasing new details on an investigation following the murder of Brandon Allen who was shot and killed in his home on Saturday evening in Anton.

Sheriff Ray Scifres said Brandon's 18-year-old son Payden Allen was arrested and charged with his father's murder. Payden is currently booked in the Hockley County Jail with a $250,000 bail. 

"We want to know the why, that's the obvious question here is the why, it is a tragedy anytime someone is murdered but when you think of it on terms of, this 18-year-old who is in custody for his father's murder, there is a lot of questions you want answered," Allen said. 

The evidence the deputies found on the scene led them to believe Payden shot his father, after obtaining a search warrant, Payden Allen was located in Lubbock. Sheriff Scifres said it all started on Saturday afternoon when family members were unable to get ahold of Brandon. 

"The resident Brandon Allen was expected at a family gathering in the San Antonio area and had not made it so family wanted his status checked," Scifres said. "They were gone about 30 minutes, they were sent back after a family member contacted a neighbor who gained entry into the residence and found a deceased individual in the living area."

Brandon's body was brought to Lubbock for an evaluation.

"An autopsy was scheduled and performed Wednesday on Brandon Allen and it did conclude that the manner of death was a homicide and the cause of death was related to a single gunshot wound."


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