Hockley County Sheriff's Office Receives New Equipment

Levelland, TX - The Hockley County Sheriff's Office has new equipment to show off. The office has worked to get upgraded equipment since last year, and now, they have the company Oxy to thank for a generous $5,000 grant.

"You hate having to go to one of those circumstances, but when you can go to your car and open the container, I have exactly what I need and I don't have to worry about going back to the office or bringing someone something. Every patrol officer will have exactly what they need when they go to a call," said Sheriff Ray Scifres with Hockley County Sheriff's Office.

From crime scene lighting to fingerprint supplies, they were able to get everything they needed. They said they could not be more grateful because this equipment helps not only their investigators, but also patrol personnel. This means calculating crash scenes and large-scale crime scenes is now easier and faster.

"Our old kits were basically pretty much just tackle box kits that you get from Walmart or whatever, like fishing kits we would use to kind of throw things together," said Captain Derek Lawless with Hockley County Sheriff's Office.

After receiving the funding in the fall, the office took the time to figure out exactly what they needed.

"It'll contain tripods and photographic equipment and fingerprinting, casting materials, DNA collection, ways to document blood splatter on surfaces," said Sheriff Scifres.

Whoever is on a patrol shift will be well-equipped.

"We have our investigators who are already trained to use this equipment, we just didn't have it to supply to them. So, this actually gives us the capability to use the training that they've already received," Scifres said.

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