Home Depot Helps Family Remodel Home for Father

     The Nixon family is losing their dad, Roger to ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease.
    One of the biggest problems families run into with this diagnosis is their home is not prepared to take care of someone who will have to be in a bed and wheelchair pretty much at all times.
    But they are getting help.
    While Roger is away getting treatment in Rel Rio the Nixon home is getting a complete overhaul. All of it free  from volunteers.
    As Evan Onstot found out, it was actually Roger's caretaker who set it all in motion.
    Click on the video to watch the story.

    In order to complete this project in time they say they will need help.
    In particular they are looking for remodel experts and especially plumbers and electricians.
    You can call Monica Naylor directly at 806- 535-0941 and if you can also contact Team Depot at 806-788-1484.

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