Home Grown Teacher's First Day on the Job

Published 08/26 2013 05:40PM

Updated 08/26 2013 06:36PM

Lauren Maxwell graduated from Texas Tech May 18th and has spent the summer at Honey Elementary getting ready to start her career as a teacher, something she said she was born to do.

"I've known from day one when I was a kindergartner," Maxwell said. "I was always wanting to help the teacher, or wanted to help my mom before or after school, or playing school."

Maxwell said the teaching gene runs in her family and she got it from her mom, a school teacher of 31 years.

"From the first summer that I was born, my mom would take me up to her school and turn off the lights and put up her alphabet and number line and just work in the dark and I'd just hang out in my stroller in her classroom," Maxwell recalled.

That classroom was at Preston Smith Elementary, where Maxwell went to school.

Maxwell's mother retired this past May.

After Preston Smith, Maxwell went to OL Slaton Junior High, graduated from Lubbock High School, then got her teaching degree at Texas Tech.

She said, it seemed only natural to hang around. 

"I've been in Lubbock all my life," Maxwell said. "My parents are still here, my family, close friends from college, and high school, and all the way through school. A lot of them stayed here so, it just seemed like the perfect place."

Monday, Miss Maxwell returned to LISD to teach 1st graders science, and language arts. 

"I think I'm more excited than nervous, you know, just to see them be my first class that I'll ever have."

She decorated her classroom in chevron print, birds, letters of the alphabet, her students names, things passed down to her by her mom, and things she hand-crafted with care.  

"It's just little things like that  your room's not complete until you have all of those things done."

Outside of the books, the curriculum, the decorations, and planning activities, there's one thing that Maxwell hopes to pass on to her students. 

"I love learning new things and trying new things that might be a little difficult," Maxwell said. "That's what I really want to push toward my students is that, don't always do something just because it's the easy thing to do, but go a step further and push yourself a step farther to do something."

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