Hot Spot for Teen Spring Breakers

A lot of teenagers were at the South Plains Mall today and they said they were just "hanging out" and relaxing.

"They just drop us off and we stay here for a couple of hours and then they come pick us up," said one teen at the mall.

            This week some parents are dropping their teens off at the mall instead of school.

"We normally come to the mall and hang out," said one teen.

"A lot of people come and we just like hangout and shop and chill," said another.

            Lubbock teens are taking a break from the books and said they're just hanging out.

"Spring break week is really a different demographic," said Beth Bridges of the South Plains Mall, "We certainly have younger kids, teenagers here."

She said she's seen more teen traffic at the mall this spring break.

"A lot of people come over here and met up," said one teen.

And their reason for doing so...

 "Lubbock is so boring," they said.

            Several teens agreed and said they feel the only place to go in Lubbock is the mall.

"It's kind of an entertainment option you can come and people watch or see what the latest fashions are and have fun while your doing it grab something to eat," said Bridges

            And that's exactly what some of the teens said they did today.

"We normally just come up to the mall and walk around and talk about everything and just shop."

Beth Bridges said the mall seems to be a one-stop shop for everyone.\

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