House Bill 2291

Allow Texans To Have Wine Shipped From Out-Of-State

LUBBOCK, TX - House Bill 2291 was recently proposed to lift the ban that doesn’t allow Texans to have any wine shipped to them from out-of-state retailers. The bill is sponsored by Texas Representative Matt Rinaldi.

The National Association of Wine Retailers says they support house Bill 2291. Tom Wark, Executive Director of the NAWR said, "Representative Rinaldi's HB 2291 is a wish come true for thousands of Texans who have been denied the ability to purchase the wines they want and to those who value free and fair markets.”

Under current law, according to the TABC, any U.S. winery outside of Texas needs to have a direct shipper's permit that has been authorized under Texas state law.

“While we expect the forces of protectionism and anti-free trade to oppose the bill, we look forward to it seeing a hearing and ultimately passing,” said Wark. 


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