How Works of Art Find a Home on the Texas Tech Campus

Published 09/16 2013 04:57PM

Updated 09/16 2013 05:44PM

"I think being surrounded by beauty and interesting artworks, that's something that's good for people. It's thought provoking, it's evocative. It's an important thing. And the fact that we have this 1 percent rule is a wonderful testament to the commitment to this campus's beauty."

That 1 percent rule Public Art Manager Erin Vaden is referring to, means that 1 percent of the budget for any new project or major renovation go towards purchasing art.

"Most often, we're commissioning original works of art that are designed specifically for our campuses."

Vaden works with a committee of 18 to seek out just the right artists and ideas.

"The brainstorm process is really fun actually," said Vaden. "The committee is really diverse, so everyone brings their own ideas to the table. and we have a number of conversations to hash out what's the best approach for this project?"

With the way tech is growing, there will only be more of these projects to come.
"We are constantly building," said Vaden. "Especially now with student enrollment rising, and this drive towards becoming a tier one research school. So for the foreseeable future, there will be many more art installations."

Vaden said that the sculptures function in a fundamental way for students and are an important part of campus life.

"I'm not sure all students are completely cognizant of the affect, but it enhances their daily experiences, it enhances memories," Vaden said. "These pieces serve as landmarks on the campus."

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