It's Mosquito Season!

It's Mosquito Season!

LUBBOCK, TX - Mosquito season is upon us and that's why Vector Control has not only begun preparing their equipment but taking preventative measures. 
Robert Lopez Jr., Vector Control Coordinator for the City of Lubbock,  told us, "Right now our guys are out checking all of the playa lakes, 900 plus throughout the county here and the city so they're out there checking that stuff.  Dipping, seeing if they see any larva activity and if they do they're treating it right on site." 
Taking these steps now will help in lowering the adult mosquito population. 
Lopez explained,  "As long as we keep the adult population low we don't have to do the fogging."
However, even if they are forced to begin fogging your safety always comes first.  
Lopez stated, "We always cut our foggers off, anytime that we can identify somebody being outside we cut them off and let them get a safe distance away or back into their homes depending on where they're at and then we continue on fogging." 

One change to the fogging this year is that Vector Control will take an extra step so you can keep you and your pets safe. 

He said, "The biggest thing right now is to let the population or the city, the people to know we're going to be out spraying. We're going to try and work with the news media outlets a little more this year and actually let them know where we'll be and when we'll be spraying."

Regardless of all of the treatments, if you're noticing a significant amount of mosquitoes in your neighborhood you can give Vector Control a call.

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