Junior at Tech becomes first Male Pom

LUBBOCK, TX - At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Dominic Franco, was the first ever male to make the Texas Tech Pom squad.

“I think it is very rare to see a guy on a dance team,” said Franco.

Franco transferred to Tech in the fall from Point Park University. He is a junior studying to get his Bachelors in Fine Arts.


“When I came to Tech I didn't know about the pom squad,” said Franco.

He decided to tryout after attending his first Tech football game.

“I saw the girls at my first football game. I saw them dance during the third quarter and I was like they are really good,” said Franco.

Franco’s teammates say he is a great addition to the team and they appreciate his dedication to both the dance team and school.

“I saw him at tryouts and I was like ya I'm sold he is awesome all around and he is a great person too. He does it all, I don't know how he does it or how he ended up getting a 4.0 last semester,” said Jordyn Groover, a freshman on the Texas Tech Pom Squad.

Franco hopes that with him being the first male dancer on the team that it will inspire others going to Tech to tryout.

“We are so  blessed to be on this team, it is great! I love it, I hope we get more males in the future,” said Franco.

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