Keeping Kids Active During Thanksgiving Break

Covenant Children's Report

LUBBOCK, TX (KLBK) - Getting outside during the Thanksgiving break is a healthy alternative to too much screen time according to Lauren Henry, a fitness specialist at Covenant Health.

"Their imaginations are great, you don't have to think of anything to do because they will think of it for you," she said. 

But it starts with parents setting the example.

"You just keep going and you set that example for them, that helps them to see what your doing and they will wanna stay active as long as the parents are doing it also."

Henry says this is also a great time to get out in the community. 

"The South Plains Food Banks, The Lubbock Dream Center, tons of soup kitchens around town that could really use the help around the holiday season."

"When it's cold outside you tend to want to stay home and not do much and I totally get that, but I think limiting that time and getting outside, it doesn't get very cold here in Lubbock," said Henry.

But for those days that are a bit too chilly, she says there are a lot of indoor place around town to explore. It could be the mall or a restaurants indoor play place, Henry even recommends spending time at a library. 

"Get them reading, bring that back."

Whatever you decide to do with your children during the holiday break Henry says limit screen time.


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