Keeping Your Eyes Safe During the Eclipse

LUBBOCK, TX - On August 21, many people will want to look out their window or be outside to experience the rare eclipse. Doctors say that's completely okay, as long as you're properly protecting your eyes.

West Texas will experience a "partial eclipse," which doctors warn can be extremely dangerous if not adequately protected. This is because the sun light that is able to seep out is extremely intense. If someone were to attempt to stare straight into the sun they could potentially face permanent damage to their eye health.

"It can cause permanent damage to the retina, it can cause a permanent shadow at the center of your visual field," said Dr. Peter Ho, owner and ophthalmologist of Lubbock Eye Clinic. "So, it's very very dangerous and debilitating condition, it will last for the rest of your life."  

Dr. Ho warns to not underestimate the partial eclipse, and to purchase solar filtered and eclipse approved sunglasses.

In Lubbock, they can be found at Walmart, CVS pharmacy and the Science Spectrum, however it's recommended that you call ahead to make sure they are still in stock.  



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